World History ADV

1) Journal Entry:

How was your first week of school? Are you feeling comfortable with your schedule/teachers/lunch/after school activities? Is anything troubling you? What are you most excited about?

2) Note Taking Workshop

3) Homework: Read Pages 4-9 and take good notes.  I will check them tomorrow.


US Government

1) Political History and Locke notes

2) Analyzing Historical Documents

3) Homework: Read and Analyze Document #2, be prepared to discuss tomorrow.



Turn in your completed Map of Missouri

1) Lecture: Climate Graphs and Population Pyramids

2) Create your own population pyramid: New Zealand and Italy

Homework Questions:

When complete answer the following questions on the back of the graph.

For EACH graph:
1) Which age group has the most people?
2) Which sex lives longer?
3) Is the graph more like Congo, US, or Germany?  What does that mean about the country’s population change?

Thought question:
How are the two graphs similar?  What can you tell us about the populations of each country: how are they going to grow?