World History


Create a timeline in your journal identifying at least five key events in your life. Then divide your timeline into “waves” (or eras) like your Waves of History assignment from last week. Identify the “waves” (eras) on your timeline with creative names (like “The Baby Years”). Remember, you will only have about 5 minutes to do this! Work fast!

1) Check notes during the journal writing.

2) Review/hand back Waves of History Chart

3) Introduce World Religions Project (See Page “WH Projects” at the top of the website)


US Government

1) Hand back GR 1.1 and 1.3.  Review different types of government

2) Historical Document Analysis Sheet – discuss document #2.  Complete Documents 3 & 4

3) Vocab List and card check



1) Review Perspective –> Round Earth, Flat Map

2) Discuss Population Pyramids, TURN IN

3) Spatial Perspective worksheet: Deforestation in South America (homework if not completed in class)

For EACH graph:
1) Which age group has the most people?
2) Which sex lives longer?
3) Is the graph more like Congo, US, or Germany?  What does that mean about the country’s population change?

Thought question:
How are the two graphs similar?  What can you tell us about the populations of each country: how are they going to grow?