No Mrs. Lyons today!

Maybe you’re happy, maybe your sad… either way I’ll be back tomorrow!

World History


1)      Finish the timeline from yesterday.  Here is a reminder of the directions:

  • Create an illustrated timeline of Asia.
    *You may need to tape together two pieces of paper*
    Include 25 dates from pp. 2-37
    Add 10 illustrations (appropriate to time/region)
    Use pen and color!
    Do your best work!
    You will be graded on neatness, content, and creativity

2)      Extra paper is provided on the table, with markers/tape, scissors are in the top drawer if they need them

3)      This is due at the end of the hour (or tomorrow)

4)      Only turn in one timeline per pair


US Government

1)      Complete the Constitutional Law Matrix it is due at the end of the hour

2)      Turn in the Law Cards before you leave the room



Review Chapter 1

  • Understanding Ideas à  #1-5
  • Thinking Critically à #1-3 (3 sentences each)
  • Using Geographers’ Tools à complete chart and answer questions
  • Interpreting Maps à #1-4 (if they have time)