World History


In your opinion, how has the world changed since September 11, 2001?  What do you remember about the day?

1) Finish Middle East notes

2) Pre Exploration Middle East Chart

  • The class will be divided into three groups.  Each group will be assigned an ancient Middle East empire
  • Within your group, you divide further into pairs.  Each pair will choose one aspect of civilizations (geography, culture, government, economics, technology) to become an “expert” on.
  • Each pair will research their specific topic using the assigned reading and textbook.
  • You will report back to your group with your information
  • Each group will report back to the class with the new information about your empire.
  • Each student should turn in a completed chart.
  • Presentations will be given tomorrow!

Goal for today: Research your topic and report back to your group! 

US Government
1) Amendment lecture
2) Amendment poster creation.
1) Tides Graph