World History


Would you consider Suleiman I a successful ruler?  Why was he called “the law giver” by the Ottomans?

1) Middle East Match Game!!!!!

2) Once complete write a “card” of your own.  Give it to one of your classmates to figure out.

3) Study Guide!


US Government

1) Study Guide over Foundations and US Constitution




1) Earth Sun Relationship Notes

2) Four Seasons Mini-Posters

For this assignment you are going to create a miniposter for each of Earth’s seasons.  Each poster should include the following.

1) A paragraph describing the season and what you like/dislike about it.  This paragraph needs to include an explanation of the sun’s effect on the Earth during that season.  Where is the position of the sun?  Is it an equinox or a solstice?
2) A drawing showing the relationship of the sun and Earth during that season. Remember tilt.

3) Some decorations representing the seasons.

You may use markers, construction paper, pens, and pencils.