World History


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1) Americas and Africa Glossary

For this assignment you will create a one paragraph glossary entry on the Moodle that deals with a relevant term from the unit.  Requirements:

  • At least ONE PARAGRAPH in length (5 sentences)
  • Provides an appropriate definition of the term
  • Explains how the term relates to the specific unit (Africa or Americas)
  • Evaluates the significance of the term and/or connects it to other aspects of the civilization
  • Provide one relevant picture/image of the concept
Remember glossaries can be seen by your classmates and can be used to study from before the test.  The more effort you put into this assignment, the more your classmates (and YOU) will benefit.
This is worth 30 points and is due at the end of the hour.
US Gov
1) Reapportionment/Redistricting
2) Redistricting Game