Journal:  Set a goal for Honors World History in the New Year/Second Semester. Make sure it is measurable. What do you want to do better? How can you improve your experience in Honors World History?

Identify three steps to achieve your goal.

1) German and Italian Unification / Nationalism

2) Hand out Unit sheets

HOMEWORK: Finish Nationalism (important terms and people) WS

  • Skim CH 12-22 in book, choose three interesting topics you may want to research for your paper.  Three topics and page numbers due FRIDAY.




•Do you ever feel like your rights have been violated?  Explain a personal experience (about you or a close friend) and how it made you feel?
•Have you ever been discriminated against?
•Write 3 sentences.

1) Work on Bill of Rights Collage

2) Due Tomorrow at beginning of hour



1) Geography Review / Intro to US & Canada

2) Traveler’s Collage Project (Due Friday)



World History

Journal:  How was your winter break?  What was your best experience and why?

1) Industry and Nationalism

2) Nationalism WS




•Define the Bill of Rights.
•List as many of them as you can.
•You have 5 minutes

1) Constitution Test Retake information!  You need to make appointments with me to review/take the test!  Needs to be completed by Jan 31st!

2) Bill of Rights in your Own Words WS

3) Intro BoR Collage

HOMEWORK~  Bring in 10 pictures or 2 resources (Magazines or Newspapers)

5th Hour ~> Bring in a notebook for your journals.  Due Friday!



1) Travel IQ Game

2) Chapter 1 Page 22

  • Locating Key Places, Understanding Main Idea 1-4