World History

Journal:  Read the Blue Box on Page 102 in your book.   How does Emperor Qianlong’s language express his view that China is superior to Britain?   Use specific examples

1) Imperialism in China

2) White Mans  Burden discussion




Journal 5th hour: Choose one of the 12 aspects of good character posted above the white board.   Give an example of how you demonstrate this quality in your daily life.  Explain how your action fits into that aspect of “good character”

Cooperation, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Integrity, Courage, Patience, Service, Self-Control, Goal Setting, Honesty

1) Work on Mock Supreme Court Briefs

2) Must show completed Organizer before using a computer.



1) Library day to work on Sense of Place project or Current Event

Current Event DUE Tues 1/17

Sense of Place DUE Mon 1/23