Monday: “All Quiet” clips, End WWI notes, read page 467-476 in book

Tuesday: Europe map, End WWI notes

Wednesday: Review Day

Thursday: TEST

Friday: 1st hour assembly, 3rd hour game day?

Journals: will post friday



US Gov

Monday: Freedom of Expression, Tinker v Des Moines, Dress code Complete WS for Homework

Tuesday: Vocab Cards (DUE FEB 14th)

Wednesday: Freedom of Expression on the Internet

Thursday: Freedom of Press in School Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier, DBQ intro

Friday: DBQ work, freedom of assembly note

5th hour journals: will post friday



Monday: Sense of Place presentations, Mexico Map

Tuesday: Work on Current Event or Guided Reading 10-2, Map due at end of hour

Wednesday: Mexico notes

Thursday: Central America

Friday: Central America, Current Event due Monday