World History

Monday: Research Questions due, Russian Revolution

Tuesday: Rise of Stalin, Animal Farm, Reading

Wednesday: Intro to Project (work day) Due: Feb 2/8

Thursday: Quiz, Global Depression/Economics

Friday: Library day for project, assign topics for paper



Monday: DBQ Due!!! Peer Edit

Tuesday: DBQ really due, Freedom of Assembly, GR 13-4, 13-5

Wednesday: 4th hour Assembly, finish Guided Reading Worksheets, 4th Amendment situation discussions

Thursday: Rights of the Accused, Miranda v Arizona

Friday: Exclusionary Rule Case Studies, 5th hour Journals DUE



Monday: Mexican travel brochure due, Central America, map due tomorrow

Tuesday: Chapter 11 Map Activity,

Wednesday: Central America Audio Forum, laptops

Thursday: Finish Audio forum, finish current event

Friday: Current Event, Central American culture, South America map