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Monthly Archives: February 2012

World History

Monday: LIBRARY DAY!  Rough Draft due in one week!  (Monday 3/5)

Tuesday: Japanese Aggression and Expansion

Wednesday: Propaganda

Thursday:  Allies Turn the Tide, HW: Create questions to ask soldiers from WWII

Friday: WW II Veteran Re-enactors



US Government

Monday: State Roles and Revenue, Packet pages 44-48, 53-54

Tuesday: Legislative Branch, packet

Wednesday: Who’s Who in MO

Thursday: Executive Branch, Governor

Friday: Executive Branch, finish packet



Monday: Europe Map & Guided Reading WS

Tuesday: Europe Physical geography, Guided Reading

Wednesday: Northern Europe culture

Thursday: Northern Europe Activity

Friday: Central Europe culture


World History – Honors

Monday: NO SCHOOL!  Presidents’ Day

Tuesday: Third Reich, Yertle the Turtle, Hitler’s textbook

Wednesday: Work day on Introduction Paragraph (DUE FRIDAY), Causes of WWII  Reading

Thursday (BLOCK scheduling): Causes graphic organizer, Military Strategy: Western Theater, Map activity

Friday (BLOCK scheduling): Intro Paragraph DUE, Causes graphic organizer, Military Strategy: Western Theater, Map Activity


US Government

Monday: NO SCHOOL! Presidents’ Day

Tuesday: State and Local Government, Guided Reading Actvity

Wednesday: Missouri Constitution, Compare and contrast US to MO Chart

Thursday (Block Scheduling): Missouri Executive Branch, Missouri Map

Friday (Block Scheduling): Missouri Executive Branch, Missouri Map



Monday: NO SCHOOL! Presidents’ Day

Tuesday: Finish Fergana Valley Map Activity

Wednesday: Chapter Review

Thursday: NO GEOGRAPHY (Block Scheduling)

Friday: Russia and Central Asia Test.  Europe geography


World History

Monday: Library Day!  Research some background information for your paper topic.  Research Questions (2 possible) and Thesis do Friday!

Tuesday: Time in between Wars wrap-up

Wednesday: Early Release!  Thesis workday, Rise of Hitler

Thursday: Rise of Totalitarianism, Thesis due tomorrow!

Friday: Cause of WWII, Appeasement



Monday: Civil Rights, Timeline due at end of hour, Vocab Cards

Tuesday: Civil Rights, Vocab Cards due

Wednesday: Early Release! Review Day/Study Guide

Thursday: Test

Friday: MO Government Intro



Monday: Russian Economic Geography, Cold War

Tuesday: Russian Cultural Geography, From Russia with Love (Valentines day card)

Wednesday: Early Release, work day for letter0

Thursday: Sochi project

Friday: Sochi project, Test next Tuesday!

World History

Monday: Animal Farm

Tuesday: Library workday, finish project

Wednesday: Presentations

Thursday: Presentations, intro to paper

Friday: Peer Evaluations, Rise of Hitler



Monday: Officer Gordon

Tuesday: Handback DBQs, Grade sheets need to be signed by parents by FRIDAY

Wednesday: Right to Privacy and Griswold v Connecticut

Thursday: Civil Rights, Timeline Project

Friday: Work on timeline (TEST ON THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK), Timeline due Monday 2/13



Monday: Turn in South America map, Drug Map, Panama Canal Critical Thinking WS

Tuesday: Chapter Reviews!

  • Ch. 10: Main Ideas, Thinking Critically #3, Interpreting Graphs #1 & 2;
  • Ch 11: Locating Places, Main Ideas #2-5, Geographer’s Tools #1;
  • Ch. 12: Locating Places, Main Ideas #1-5, Thinking Critically #1 & 3

Wednesday: Latin America Test

Thursday:  Russia/Central Asia/Eurasia physical geography

Friday: Russia/Eurasia Climate