World History

Monday: Animal Farm

Tuesday: Library workday, finish project

Wednesday: Presentations

Thursday: Presentations, intro to paper

Friday: Peer Evaluations, Rise of Hitler



Monday: Officer Gordon

Tuesday: Handback DBQs, Grade sheets need to be signed by parents by FRIDAY

Wednesday: Right to Privacy and Griswold v Connecticut

Thursday: Civil Rights, Timeline Project

Friday: Work on timeline (TEST ON THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK), Timeline due Monday 2/13



Monday: Turn in South America map, Drug Map, Panama Canal Critical Thinking WS

Tuesday: Chapter Reviews!

  • Ch. 10: Main Ideas, Thinking Critically #3, Interpreting Graphs #1 & 2;
  • Ch 11: Locating Places, Main Ideas #2-5, Geographer’s Tools #1;
  • Ch. 12: Locating Places, Main Ideas #1-5, Thinking Critically #1 & 3

Wednesday: Latin America Test

Thursday:  Russia/Central Asia/Eurasia physical geography

Friday: Russia/Eurasia Climate