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Monthly Archives: March 2012

World History

Monday: Cold War introduction, HW: Reading packet

Tuesday: Document Analysis and Group Thesis

Wednesday: FINAL DRAFT DUE, Questions for veterans

Thursday: WWII Veterans interviews

Friday:  Butter Battle


US Gov

Monday: Political Spectrum

Tuesday: Political Parties, Guided Reading

Wednesday: Political Parties Chart

Thursday: Political Parties Chart

Friday: Game



Monday: Library Day

Tuesday: Southern Europe, Venice Article

Wednesday: BLOGS DUE, Review

Thursday: Europe Test

Friday: Presentations


World History

Monday: ROUGH DRAFT DUE!, Holocaust

Tuesday: Peer Editing (1st hour must do for homework)

Wednesday: Edits due, Pacific Theater, V-J Day, Island Hopping, Iwojima, Nagasaki

Thursday: Review

Friday:  WWII Test



US Gov

Monday: Packets due! Judicial Branch ~> Missouri Court Plan, Graphic Organizer

Tuesday: Graphic Organizer Due, Study Guide

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Review

Friday: MO Constitution Test!



Monday: North and Central European culture

Tuesday: Library Day

Wednesday: East Europe/Balkans, AGENDAS DUE

Thursday: Laptop workday

Friday: CURRENT EVENT DUE, South Europe Culture