The blog Principles of Change provides us with some great examples of the importance of blogging to education.  First, and most notably  it allows for the sharing of ideas and techniques.  By following other teacher’s blogs, a new teacher (or even old teachers for that matter) can learn new methods of classroom management or content delivery.  Second, blogging provides the teachers with a means of reflection.   The teacher can assess the effectiveness of a lesson or a unit and then put it in writing (ok.. typing).  Not only that, but because blogs are archived a teacher can look back at a lesson from last year and implement the suggested changes in the new year.  (No more sticky notes stuck to random pages in the lesson planner).  Finally, blogging can serve as a means of connecting with students.  George (the blogger) gave a good example of how a teacher quoted a student in her blog.  This indicates the connections being made in the classroom that eventually lead to respectful-mentor relationships.  

While I acknowledge the importance of teacher blogs, I just wish (like many others) that I had more time to do it.  At the end of the the day, my reflection consists of scribbling notes in the margin of my planner. I hope my ability to reflect in the moment improves as I become a more experienced teacher, but for now most of my evaluating is completed in the summer.  

I would like to say that I do enjoy this assignment, and I see its benefit.  I just know I wouldn’t do it if it was not a requirement.