Signing up for twitter was the easy part; deciding who/what to follow was a bit more challenging.  One thing is for sure, I am definitely more of a “consumer” of information that a “producer”.

I’ve had my twitter account for just over a year.  And while I’ve tweeted about 5 times since then, it is a great way to stay up-to-date with things that I care about.  Mostly, I follow friends and family members, especially ones that live in another state.  I also follow comedians and other entertainers for a quick laugh.

For more educational purposes, I follow news stations and other political figures. It’s good to get a mix of local and national news.  I also follow a few educators that focus on using technology in the classroom.  However, I quickly realized that I should take caution when deciding who I follow.  Some feeds are updated TOO often and just flood your feed with information that is not important or relevant.  This is a major turn off for me as a “consumer” of info.

I’ve also attempted to set up a twitter account for the tract team.  This would make it easier to get the word out about practice times, workouts, and meet results.  Both athletes and parents can follow the Track twitter feed.  Unfortunately, it has not been effective (yet!) because I didn’t update it regularly (again, I’m a more of a consumer).  This year I plan on doing more with twitter and facebook to share information with the team.  I’m hoping to get over my lazy consumer ways and start producing more information through social media.