“What can students actually do with an iPad?

I found this article to be very helpful in explaining the many uses of the iPad in the classroom. I do not currently have an iPad, but would love to get my hands on one to explore it’s application to the Social Studies curriculum.  I also believe that it would be a great topic for future professional (and technology) development.  

One criticism of the article is that the example lessons seem to have very similar products from the students.  By this I mean, the assessments are all project-based.  I would like to know more about what the iPad can do beyond recording a video or making a poster/flyer.  

In the future, I hope that the Lindbergh School District can provide these new technologies for its staff and students.  By now, a majority of teachers know the basics of how to use a computer, iPad, or other electronic device… now we want the ability to use those items in the classroom with EVERY student.  I understand the resources are tight, but in order to continue on as a leading school district in Missouri, we need make these items available to all of our students and staff all the time.