I have recently started utilizing my twitter account (granted, my personal account) a lot more in the past month.  I’ve started to follow more people especially related to news and other political content and I’ve posted a few pictures.  With the election the past week, I started following important candidates in order to stay up-to-date with their campaigns.  In addition, I have started following a few news outlets.  

Very quickly, especially the day of the election, I realized I had made a few mistakes in my decisions on who to follow.  First, my twitter account became inundated with (relatively) useless information.  Second, I made the mistake of setting up some push notifications for different candidates. I quickly realized that every time that person was mentioned, I got a text message.  In other words, when Shelia from Wisconsin voted for Obama and decided to tweet it, I got a text about it.  Finally, some of the news outlets decided to double tweet the same stories.  This just led to a lot of clutter and repetition on my feed.  

Once I corrected these things, I really enjoyed that instantaneous nature of twitter.  It made me feel “in the know” and “hip”.  I will continue to search for more people to follow and attempt to post more tweets.

I have been trying to pin more articles and videos for work as well.  I currently share a “work” board with Danielle Demarest on pinterest.  I have yet to explore the new “secret” board feature, I think it will help in planning a few surprise parties in the future.