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Monthly Archives: December 2012

I’ve had mixed reviews with BYOD.  I do allow kids to bring in their laptops to take notes; I believe a lot of kids can type faster than they write.  And there are (obviously) a lot of benefits to using technology in the classroom.  Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a few draw-backs; not only in the management of behavior when kids uses their own electronics, but also in the philosophy of BYOD in the public school setting.

I hope that we can eventually provide students with the technology that properly engages them in learning, and prepares them for careers of the future.


I’ve been using my twitter account a lot more recently.  I now use it more for news than social interests.  I’m still trying to think of a good way to use it in the classroom, versus personally or for a sports team.  I’ve been following the boys basketball team for Lindbergh.  Jason Wolfard does a great job at tweeting.  He does just enough so you keep following but aren’t overwhelmed by inspirational quotes.

I also had a colleague (Pfeiffer!) show me a lesson where the student had to create a twitter feed for important people during that era in time.  The students had to reference specific events and feelings of the Age of Absolutism.  It turned out really well and I hope to use it in the future.

Props to Pfeif 🙂

I really enjoy using my ActiveInspire software and the flipcharts.  I’ve only had time to plan one lesson, that I will use later this week.  I will use a Jeopardy template to help my kids review for the US Constitution test.

Keith just fixed my pens so I can finally mess around with it more.  Now I can have more than one person at the board, which will be more engaging.