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Monthly Archives: January 2013

This quarter I am planning on using Quizlet for my government classes.  I’m hoping that it will add an interactive element to studying to vocabulary for specific units.

I’m still investigating ways in which I can use it in class and monitor the progress of the students.  My reservations are that the students won’t stay on task and that the activities will not be challenging enough to generate learning the material.

I will give an update on its use in my next entry.


This is more of an inquiry about the Districts movement towards eTextbooks:

The use of eTexts, especially at the high school level, seems to be a tech-based way to save money in the long run.  Not more lost books, or the need for rebinds.  I know that readers / iPads would be expensive to give to students… but you could have multiple books on ONE device.  If you figure each textbook costs $70 and each student has 5 of those books.  The student could carry $350 worth of textbooks on one device.    Now the starting rate for an iPad is $400, so it may not be in range economically yet.

It seems to me that electronic texts is the trend even outside of education.  EBooks have put places like Borders out of business…  I really hope Lindbergh takes eTexts into serious consideration!

I came across a great app over the holidays that could have some relevancy in the classroom.  The app is Flipboard and is a combination of Pinterest and news.  It’s similar to a interactive/electronic magazine.  

Flipboard provides the reader with electronic articles that are based around their interests.  You can click on a category (such as news, politics, or sports) and get 10s of current articles that are updated every hour.  It can also be linked to your twitter feed or facebook timeline.

It’s similar to Pinterest because it is very visual.  In addition to headlines, its format utilizes the main picture to grab the reader.  

The aesthetics of the app are also interesting.  You can “flip” through the articles by dragging your finger vertically across the screen.  

Flipboard my be used in the classroom for a research or organizing information.  Have the kids organize information according to categories and put all relevant documents/research within those categories.  It could be used at the end of a semester so kids have to categorize all of their notes according to visual units.