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For this assignment you will complete the Document Analysis Worksheet in FULL!

Task: Use the provided documents to develop a comprehensive “story” of Aztec life BEFORE European exploration.  You should answer the question:

What should history say about the Aztecs?

In other words, what should historians emphasize when retelling the story of the Aztec’s life before the came into contact with European explorers.  Are there certain aspects of their society/civilization that you believe to be more important than others?  Why?

You need to take into account the type of source (primary or secondary) as well as the potential for bias (an author’s preconceived point of view).


  1. Skim through the documents and try to categorize them based on initial reading and first impressions.
  2. Create a thesis stating what you believe to be the “theme” of Aztec civilization and listing 2-3 of the aspects of the society that prove that theme.
  3. Analyze at least 6 documents that directly relate to your thesis.  For each document you need to complete a box on the worksheet and explains how it relates directly to your thesis.
  4. Two other documents should also be addressed but do not have to connect to your thesis.  These can be ones we complete as a whole class for practice.


Only the worksheet is due at the end of the hour on Thursday.


World Religions Assignment

For this assignment you will work with ONE OTHER PERSON to research one of the 5 major world religions.

Please collect the following information that you will share with the rest of the class:

1)      Who is considered the Founder?  When and Where did the religion emerge?  How did word spread about it?

2)      Who (or what) are the supreme beings?  Is the religions mono- or polytheistic?

3)      What is the method for reaching paradise?  What is the term used for paradise (if any)?

4)      What are the basic beliefs or laws of the religion, please limit it to FIVE of the most important things!

5)      Are there any important words or terms that we should know in order to understand the religion better?  Please limit it to one or two words.

All of the information should be compiled into ONE DOCUMENT that will be turned in for both students.  This document should consist of the answers to the questions stated above.   Notes are fine.

You and your partner are expected to orally present your information to the rest of the class.  (This is very informal and no visuals are needed).  Your classmates will complete the chart with the information you provide and you will complete your chart based on their information.

Thus you will be graded on the following:

1)      Quality of information in your notes (one document to be turned in for BOTH students) (10pts)

2)      Ability to verbally explain the information learned (10pts)

3)      Completed chart (one per classmate). (10pts)

4)      At least THREE sources used.  Please keep track of your websites and document them! (5 points)

This assignment is worth 35 points and should be completed by the end of Wednesday.


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